PPE specialist, Supertouch, in partnership with Pyramex, is now stocking safety eyewear featuring the innovative H2MAX anti-fog coating.

For many workers who are required to wear safety eyewear, the issue of fogging can be incredibly frustrating and dangerous. Should this occur in a high-risk situation, such as those involving hazardous chemicals or heavy industrial machinery, poor visibility or impaired sight could have potentially catastrophic implications.

Providing clearer vision, the high performing H2MAX coating tackles this risk and prevents fogging for up to 30x longer than its competitors. When placed 40cm away from heat steam, the H2MAX coating resists clouding for up to an hour, while other anti-fog lenses on the market do so in less than 2 minutes.

Unlike other safety eyewear, the H2MAX coating is made from non-hazardous components, and is able to withstand repeated cleaning without losing adhesion. This is a major benefit and helps to protect the quality of the lens for longer.

To meet the needs of a number of different applications, the H2MAX anti-fog technology is available in a selection of different eyewear models, including: V2G, Proximity, Ever-Lite, and Isotope and comes is available in clear, grey, dark grey, and amber lenses.

Khurram Akhtar, Director – Sales & Products at Supertouch commented: “Fogging is one of the biggest frustrations with safety eyewear, as well as being linked to non-compliance too. The H2MAX coating will help to tackle this issue.

“The H2MAX coating is the result of extensive testing and research, and not only ensures maximum clarity, but also adds an extra layer of protection to the lens as it is abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant.”

All H2MAX lenses have been certified to EN166 K&N standard.


For more information about the Pyramex H2MAX Anti-fog coating or, to discover more about a wide-range of PPE and workwear available at Supertouch, please call 0345 130 9922 or visit: www.supertouch.com