Protection is a priority

Jun 1, 2012 | UPS & Standby Power

Emergency generator cover, standby generators and maintenance from shentongroup is providing blackout protection for The Priory Group throughout its clinics and hospitals

The Priory Group is well known throughout the UK for providing care for mental health conditions, psychological and psychiatric services including condition management programmes, secure forensic and step-down services, specialist education, complex care, neuro-rehabilitation services, foster and care homes.

The group were on the lookout for a cost effective means of providing its more vulnerable establishments with standby power in the event of a prolonged powercut, and as such the group chose power support company, Powercall UK, to supply a number of its hospitals and clinics with its nationwide service.

The initial contract was signed with The Priory Group for its hospital near Southampton, but it has since contracted with Powercall UK for a further 13 of its hospitals, care homes and schools.

The establishments are mostly sited in areas that regularly experience mains power failures and Powercall’s generators ensure that essential services such as heating, lighting, security systems, safety equipment etc, can continue to operate when powercuts occur. Powercall’s nationwide service despatches a generator from a local depot with a target delivery time of one hour, and a guaranteed maximum of three hours. 

Further back-up

Because of the success of the Powercall service, shentongroup’s Scorpion Power Systems were selected when it was decided that The Priory Group’s establishments at Eaglestone in Milton Keynes and Thornfield Park in Thatcham, Berkshire, needed higher levels of standby power protection. In order to ensure a no break power supply in the event of mains failure, Scorpion Power Systems installed two 91kVA diesel generators at Eagleston and a 275kVA version at Thornfield Park.

The Priory Group has also contracted with shentongroup’s Merlin Power Management to provide it with its Powercare Premier Generator service contract. The contract includes 365/24/7 maintenance as well as remote monitoring via Merlin’s Hawkeye system and refuelling. This will help to guarantee consistent and reliable operation of the three generators.

Nick Erdbeer, group estates surveyor, maintenance & engineering, commented, “We have received equally excellent service from Scorpion Power Systems and Merlin Power Management. We are currently talking to the shentongroup regarding other sites that will require their expertise.”


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