Protecting properties against power cuts

Jan 2, 2014 | UPS & Standby Power

With the threat of a serious Energy Gap in 2015, Hampshire-based power specialist, Powertecnique is extending the advice it gives to businesses to include owners of significant private estates.

It is recommending that they put measures in place to ensure that they are not affected by power outages. Darren Pearce, managing director at Powertecnique explained.

“Owners of residential estates, particularly those set in remote areas, need to consider up to date UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) and generator systems to back-up their critical power and protect against mains power failure, especially as modern houses have vast amounts of media, audio and lighting requirements.

“Our equipment can be housed in containers which minimise sound disruption in country estates, and are relatively easy to maintain with remote regular checks on fuel consumption and servicing.

“We have recently launched a new software, PowerVue, which allows us to remotely monitor a customer’s equipment, and react to any problems that may arise – usually even before the owner knows there is a problem.

“The Energy Gap in 2015 is a very real threat so we are advising homeowners to consider protecting their assets and power supplies now, as prices are likely to rise when demand becomes more acute.”

In other news Powertecnique has recently gained accreditation for five UPS (uninterruptible power supply) units from its eKasar range from the government’s Energy Technology List (ETL) through the Carbon Trust. This means customers may claim additional tax relief through enhanced capital allowances when they purchase the equipment.

The Carbon Trust is an organisation that helps businesses to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy through carbon reduction, energy saving strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies. The organisation identifies the top 20% of energy efficient products with the industry and allows them entry onto the ETL.

Newly appointed sales and marketing director at Powertecnique, Peter Chai-Tsai commented, “We’re delighted that our energy efficient eKasar range has been recognised by the Carbon Trust. We’re always keen to improve efficiencies for our customers and our eKasar range is designed to deliver maximum protection for critical users, with low impact on the mains power supply. The enhanced capital allowance means that businesses can usually claim over five times the standard capital allowance against a capital purchase, up to 23% of the original investment just by purchasing an ETL registered product.”

Powertecnique’s eKasar units have a small footprint with high operating efficiencies of up to 96.5% and the ability to provide a 35% saving in dissipated energy usage per annum, compared to traditional UPS products. The high level of flexibility means that there is full compatibility both with 3-phase power and with single-phase sources, thus eliminating any critical factors in the connection between the UPS and system.