Marking and labelling specialist Partex, has launched the ProSleeve concept that combines cutting edge technology with the highest performance materials to create a complete marking system for identifying cables, wires, pipes, components and cabinets.

The new ProSleeve range includes printers, ribbons, heat shrink markers, cable markers and panel labels, allowing users to print a wide range of media and marking materials quickly and cost effectively.

The extensive ProSleeve range of Heat shrinkable markers includes; SG 2:1 ratio Standard Grade, MS 3:1 ratio compliant with military applications, HF 2:1 ratio Halogen Free, NF 3:1 ratio diesel resistant, EF 2:1 ratio extended fire specification and ET 2:1 ratio extreme temperature. They are all supplied in a roll form and come in a flattened format, which allows them to be printed easily and clearly.

ProSleeve cable markers are delivered in an easy to pick ladder format. The extensive cable marker range includes CMZ zero halogen, fire retardant; CMM military grade; CMD diesel resistant; CML extended fire specification versions; and CMT extreme temperature markers.

The panel label range is designed as an alternative to traditional engraved labels and features two products: EPL enhanced panel labels and EPF low fire hazard labels both are self-adhesive backed.

ProSleeve ribbons have also been developed and tested for use with Partex profiles to ensure the best print quality and meet the highest industry standards thanks to their exceptional abrasion resistance.