Pro Certs Software have been designing, developing and publishing electrical apps for the electrical industry, specifically electricians for over 10 years, thus resulting in a collection of established, well-maintained up to date electrical apps, electrical certification software and desktop cloud electrical software.

The benefit of having an electrical app is the convenience of having in your pocket everything an electrician may need on a day-to-day basis such as electrical tables, charts and guides along with an extensive list of calculators.

If you find yourself for example in the position needing to check the maximum current carrying capacity of a cable or need to look up the maximum permitted Zs value for a specific MCCB, MCB, RCBO or Fuse, it’s all in an app.

Electrical Apps
An Electrical App is a great companion for testing & inspecting when carrying out your electrical installation condition reports for two simple reasons,

  1. Pro Certs Software have a great multi-user electrical certification software package which runs alongside a Management Web Portal which can be used to transfer certificates and reports between different electrical engineers or inspectors and sync data across all your devices iPad, Android Tablets and Windows.
  2. Need anything else, we’ll likely have an electrical app for that, from the Adiabatic Equation Calculator, Diversity (maximum demand) Calculator or Cable Calc.

Pro Certs Software also have a suite of smaller electrical calculators like the kVA Calculator and the Watts Amps Volts Calculator. All their apps are available on iOS and Android, the Pro Certs electrical certification software is also available on Windows.

Another app in Pro Certs Software’s arsenal is the Electrical Tools and Reference App, nicknamed by the developers as The Electricians App, due to being loaded with electrical reference tables and calculators. This app has two main menus “Electrical Reference” and “Electrical Tools”, all the electrical charts, tables and guides are under the Reference menu while the tools and calculators are under the Tools menu. In addition to the two main menus there is also an indexed searchable sidebar menu, so you can do a quick search to find what you are looking for instantly.

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Cloud Electrical Software
By request we developed a desktop cloud electrical software loosely based on our electrical tools and reference app for those working in the office who can also enjoy the benefits of a much larger screen size. The cloud based electrical software runs in the browser so its compatible with Windows and Mac.

Quick Access Menu, the main screen of the cloud software has a selection of quick access shortcut icons to navigate to the most popular features of the electrical software, these include Voltage Drop Calculator, Earthing Menu, Max Zs and Adiabatic Equation.

Quick Search Menu, this software, like the Electrical Tools and Reference app has an indexed searchable sidebar menu.

Tools Dropdown Menu, list of calculators and tools.

Tables Dropdown Menu, list of electrical tables, charts and guides.

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 Electrical Certification Software

Pro Certs Software have two offerings of certification software’s, Pro Certs is based on BS 7671 for producing Electrical Installation Certificates (EIC), Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) and Electrical Minor Works Certificates (MW). – Electrical certification made easy, save time and effort with Pro Certs

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 The second offering is the 7909 Certification app, based on BS 7909 for use with BS 7909, code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes for producing Completion Certificates (G1), Schedule of Test Results (G2) and Confirmation of Electrical Completion (G3). – Simplify and streamline your 7909 testing and sign-offs, 7909 certification made easy.

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 Electrical Guides

Electrical guides and app development news are regularly posted on the electrical blog, this feed is also displayed in some of the electrical apps so you don’t miss out.

Categories include, BS 7671, BS 5839, BS 7909, Guides, How To, News and Testing & Inspecting to name just a few.

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