PrefectIrus is packed with features that distinguish it from simple thermostats or complex building energy management systems.

Designed specifically for multi-occupancy dwellings such as student accommodation, PrefectIrus is unique in its focus on maintaining comfortable environments while ensuring energy is only used when it is needed.

The nodes, located throughout accommodation blocks, cleverly ‘learn’ the environmental conditions for each individual room – the heat required, the time to reach temperature, dissipation rates etc. There are also sensors and evidence gathering for lighting, humidity and decibel levels with an option for a CO2 detection module. PIRs recognise when rooms are empty and automatically reduce heat input, in the same way, open-window technology cuts heat until the window has been closed.

The software then balances comfort and energy use for the benefit of students and energy managers.                                                      

Data from the room nodes is transmitted to the central controller via the existing electrical wiring within the building. Managers of accommodation, energy or compliance are able to monitor information from anywhere with internet connectivity via the easy to use web-based portal. Via the screen, in real time, they can control temperatures and monitor student well-being throughout their estate.

Maximise energy savings

By monitoring electric tariffs, Irus is able to switch hot water and heating off to coincide with Triad warnings, ensuring energy is only used when rates are economic.

Disruption free installation

Using Mains Borne Signaling means the system is quick and cost effective to install, with very little disruption to infrastructure. Better still it does not need rooms to be unoccupied – so installation can be carried out at any time of the year, not just during holiday periods.

Compliance benefits

The energy saving benefits of PrefectIrus are complemented by maintenance and compliance attributes. Including the detection of faulty or failing third party components and compilation of reports to satisfy water safety plans. All this ensures students enjoy an environment conducive to study.

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