GreenBrook have noticed an upturn in their Powerbreaker RCD business with the changes to the 18th Edition increasing the use of RCDs in all public areas.  With this amendment, together with the increased safety requirements discussed in the recent government Hackitt Report, there is more call for using RCDs to detect and isolate products at the point of use to help prevent electrical fires, as well as helping to protect the main circuit and the consumer unit (point of supply).  Socket RCD’s are a perfect opportunity for wholesalers to make an additional sale, whilst ensuring that their customers adhere to the latest safety regulations.   PowerBreaker socket RCDs are available in both 30mA and 10mA trip currents in a selection of Passive and Active designs.  The super sensitive 10mA versions are suitable for use in areas where you would find children or vulnerable people – such as hospitals or care homes.  There are many other PowerBreaker products available – we offer a selection of spurs, in-line RCD’s and weatherproof RCDs.

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