Riello UPS has steadily ranked among the top five players in the European UPS market over the last decade. As a key player in the energy and power protection market, Riello UPS prides itself on providing robust and reliable products which boast the latest technology and energy efficiency levels to provide continuous power.

This commitment is mirrored across the wide range of applications from flywheel UPS systems for large data centres, right through to containerised solutions for the military and remote installations.

Here we look at two products – the Master HP 600 and the PowerBox – which demonstrate Riello’s forward thinking approach to continually expand and evolve its portfolio to meet the needs of its customers across the world.


Riello UPS and the Master HP 600

Developed with data centres in mind, Riello’s Master HP 600kVA, is one of the most efficient, flexible and reliable UPS systems available today. The Master HP 600kVA was not only designed to be smart grid compatible but also to meet the needs of the most demanding installations and offer the highest level of protection.

The range is already used by hundreds of companies and organisations to power the world’s largest data centres, meeting the needs of clients who not only want secure and reliable power, but who are also sensitive to the overall running costs and efficiency of their facilities.

The ‘Smart Active’ function utilised throughout the Master HP range allows the unit to monitor the condition of the mains power, and then selects the best operating mode to maintain resilience. In the new 600kVA model, this can increase operational efficiency to 99 per cent.

Also, when in a parallel redundant configuration, which is common in data centres, the Master HP ‘Energy Saving’ function allows the intelligent management of energy consumption with a gradual activation of the UPS units. 

Riello UPS has invested heavily in developing and introducing products with high efficiency ratings, as well as ensuring the eco credentials of its power protection systems. The development of the Master HP 600kVA is the perfect demonstration of this.

The Master Plus HP series shares advanced battery management technology with the traditional Master MPS models, to help achieve maximum battery performance and prolonged design life. The unit also features a range of advanced communication and connectivity options for easy remote management.


Riello PowerBox

Faced with high costs and time taken to build or expand existing premises, businesses are turning to energy efficient turnkey IT options. Containerised UPS solutions are becoming increasingly popular for data centres due to the lower construction costs and reduced time of deployment, not to mention reduced overall operating costs.

Riello created its PowerBox containerised solution so dedicated space in data centre facilities is no longer needed for UPS systems. This allows for more of the building to be used for critical IT infrastructure.

Each Riello PowerBox contains all of the necessary switchgear and distribution panels to deliver uninterruptible power from a combination power solution. This can include: a Riello UPS, flywheel energy storage system, battery packs and suitably rated generator.

PowerBox provides a robust, highly resilient power solution with zero downtime and is easily installed with components within a ‘stand-alone’ 20-foot or 40-foot container.

Also, containerised power solutions meet Riello’s stringent requirements for eco-friendly power protection systems as their high operating efficiency saves energy and reduces operating costs.

For more information about the Riello Master HP 600 or the PowerBox please visit www.riello-ups.co.uk, email sales@riello-ups.co.uk or call the sales hotline on 0800 269 394.