Power Continuity Summer Power Advice

Jun 26, 2018 | UPS & Standby Power

Business continuity is a prerequisite for any business survival strategy. Power Continuity asks: How safe is your business from outside issues? Can you operate and remain profitable without mains power?

No one cares about the future when the summer is here. UK sun is rare and fleeting so we catch it while we can. Winter chills are far away and so are the woes- but really the winter is just weeks away. Time to prepare.

When was the last time you can remember a summer power cut? Tough one, when you think about it. What about an autumn or winter power cut? Yes, there have been plenty of those.

Prevention is better than cure. During these summer months you have the time to review your company strategy before the coming volatile months when the GRID is under real pressure. When was your last Business Power Continuity review? To help, try this simple test by clicking here: Is my company at risk?

If you pass the checks then you have nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, if you find areas that need reviewing then this is the time to act before the floods and snow of the coming months test the vulnerability of your critical systems. Power Continuity have decades of installations across the UK, all operating 24/7 power protecting the backbone of UK power infrastructure. The company’s engineers design from scratch your own bespoke critical power protection system, fully automatic and 100% no break clean power.

The first step is to ask what do you really require? Is your priority to remain operational at all times? Or just remote sites? Do you require a short uptime protection or absolute no break power continuity? Power Continuity aren’t just box movers. They have no salesmen.

Everyone is an engineer that has personally worked on the front line of projects. Its engineers who know what it’s like to handle and gland off 240mm steel wire armoured cables. Power Continuity don’t just provide a design concept, they build, supply and install everything you need for a critical power protection system, seamless from start to finish. So if you’re concerned then let Power Continuity carry out a full review of your systems, warts and all. Then you will have the updated knowledge that you need to make a calculated decision.

The company are truly a ‘one stop shop’, from design of your no break power protection system through to the day to day maintenance. Power Continuity provide custom built diesel generators and LV mains panels to operate flawlessly with its world class UPS systems partners.

When Power Continuity is your site main contractor then they ensure the best practice at all times to deliver within budget and ahead of schedule. They install everything themselves in house.

The company even witness test the complete system in front of you, with a Power Continuity engineer by your side.

At Power Continuity we care!

It’s not the numbers that count, it’s the quality of the installation, knowing that it will seamlessly operate 24/7 whenever it is called upon to act in anger to power protect your mission critical systems. Get it right first time.

You fit only Power Continuity once, so fit the best, go to Power Continuity for all your Power Continuity needs.

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