Power Continuity – Seamless No Break Power Protection 24/7

Jan 21, 2020 | UPS & Standby Power

Millions lost power during August 2019 and yet the National Grid says, “It can happen again”. So, where do you place your confidence to keep your company operational 24 hours every day? 

Fingers crossed or Power Continuity installed? Place your bets!

Middle East troubles make the Whole World twitch. Threats of cyber-attacks on our National Electrical Infrastructure are a real concern. Talk of large increase in the number of electric vehicles being powered is openly discussed as having the potential to overload sections of the GRID. Where will the extra power come from to support the growing UK power demand? Power Stations take decades to build and wind turbines take years to develop, so logically it’s not doom mongering to flag up that Power Failure happens and will happen, yet this is totally avoidable with a seamless NO BREAK Power Protection designed and installed by Power Continuity. 

Power Continuity eliminates the stress of random power loss or major outages. Our total 100% automatic power protection provides peace of mind. 24/7.

Think of the public relations disaster when you can’t deliver to your clients. 

Get ahead of your competitors and install real time 100% Power Continuity.

YOU can STOP any production losses, the pain of crashed servers, the worry of burnt out inverters, the panic of ‘locked out’ robots, by simply installing one of our NO BREAK SEAMLESS automatic power protection systems.

Power Continuity is our solution and Power Continuity Ltd. is our name.

Our MISSION at Power Continuity is to eliminate ALL and ANY disruptions that are caused by random power dips, spasmodic brown outs, over voltages and under voltages, as well as total GRID loss, to allow your company to perform and deliver on time, every time.  

With Power Continuity SEAMLESS NO Break Power Protection installed:

Eliminate LOST Production – any momentary power dips will crash any crash servers or cause a robotic production line to react ‘out of sequence’ or shut down  production lines, completely. Lost production can never be regained. Power Continuity can hold up your production to keep you ahead of the competition. You deliver when others can not.

Eliminate STRESS – without a totally automatic power continuity system, you’ll get stressed out not knowing which power issues will mess up your week. Let Power Continuity eliminate stress once and for all.

Eliminate WORRY – about letting down your customers. Saying the same excuses to try and cover reasons why a momentary Over Voltageknocked out machinery, because you have no inventory to deliver today.. Power Continuity will eliminate this worry too.

Power Continuity Ltd is Power Continuity, True NO Break Power Protection.

Global Players need certainty not hope, so have the reliability of Power Continuity Systems installed. Whether emergency standby generators or UPS systems, together with our Air Conditioning and Fire Suppressions systems, we offer them all, within our total protection package for NO BREAK power in a volatile uncertain power world. PowerContinuity reliability, both 24/7 and Automatic. Once installed you can get on with profitability.

We’ll design your Bespoke Power Protection system from the ground up.

We carry out a detailed power survey, to firstly, identify your power risks, then secondly, offer automatic fully installed Power Continuity Systems to ensure that after installation, power failure won’t happen on your site.

Power Continuity offers resilience of N+N or N+2 or even greater resilience to absolutely ensure your power is there when others fail you.

Install 100% Automatic Power Protection Systems that offer 24/7 Power Continuity. That’s why we are Power Continuity Ltd. Bespoke trademarked Power Continuity Generators & UPS systems that work every time.

For real 100% NO BREAK Power Protection call Power Continuity Ltd.

POWER CONTINUITY is our NAME and what we DO. We Design. We build. We Install. No If’s or Buts. NO BREAK Power Continuity = 100% Productivity. We are Power Continuity.

Call us on 0845 055 8455We’re here to help 24/7.