At a recent live Q&A event held in Maidenhead, Erica Robb, founder and managing director of Reading-based solar company Spirit Solar, challenged prime minister, David Cameron, over the government’s handling of the Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs), which resulted in Robb having to make 30 people redundant in the week before Christmas.

“This government is doing its best to bring a successful industry to its knees. The way it has handled the FiTs review is appalling. The government’s latest appeal against the High Court’s December ruling that the cuts were illegal has left us in a situation where DECC is now unable to tell anyone what the current level of FiTs is. On top of that, we now face a state of uncertainty for several weeks while we wait for the appeal to be heard,” said Robb.

“Anyone running a company will tell you that this kind of uncertainty is very damaging to businesses. It seems as though there isn’t anyone in government with any real experience of what it’s like to meet a payroll every month. When I challenged him, Mr Cameron was unable to offer anything new, he simply went over old ground, blaming the previous government for setting the FiTs too high. I wanted him to realise that DECC’s appeal is a new threat to businesses like ours that are attempting to continue to operate to the new tariff levels.”