PCL UPS Certain to Take the Market by Storm

Apr 27, 2016 | UPS & Standby Power

Power Control (PCL) unveils new look for its single phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions

Characterising the unmatched reliability and dependability of the range, the chosen name has been inspired by the Latin word certus. Exclusively designed and developed by PCL, the new CertaUPS line interactive and CertaUPS+ online double conversion UPS series will be released from April 2016.

Previously badged under the Borri Ltd ‘B’ range, the new identity for PCL’s single phase UPS range will be released with improved technical features, performance and an industry leading three year  swap out warranty.

The CertaUPS and CertaUPS+ single phase solutions from PCL retain the same multifunctional characteristics including intelligent monitoring software and battery extension and continue to deliver industry leading resilience and efficiency. Currently delivering a 0.9 power factor, all CertaUPS+ models will be upgraded to provide unity output at the end of 2016.

PCL’s sales director Rob Mather commented: “The company has and continues to invest in the research and further development of its own single phase UPS solutions. Having been instrumental in the selection of technology, quality of components and adoption of manufacturing techniques, the CertaUPS and CertaUPS+ series’ are the most resilient in their class.

“We have had over 20 years of experience in developing UPS technologies, giving PCL an unparalleled understanding of both market and customer needs. With these ever changing, we are continuously exploring new methodologies to improve the products we supply to not only deliver the very best in performance but also in efficiency, flexibility, durability and overall usability. With that being said, PCL will be releasing the next generation of its 1-3kVA UPS unit in the summer.”

The single phase UPS systems from PCL are available from 800VA to 20kVA and are made to the highest manufacturing standards, rigorously tested and quality control inspected prior to despatch.

With both line interactive and online double conversion solutions available, PCL is able to deliver industry leading operational efficiency, superior user flexibility and supreme functionality for all types of operating environments.

For further information please visit www.pcl-ups.com, email info@pcl-ups.com or call 0800 136993 or for more information on becoming a PCL partner please contact Rob Mather – rmather@pcl-ups.com