CSA-Group’s UK office can provide a fast and cost-effective inspection service that will get your product to the US or Canadian industrial market without the need for lengthy test programmes or regular factory audits.

CSA Group’s US “Field Evaluation” and Canadian “Special Inspection” services are aimed at custom-built electrical equipment exported to North America in single or low-quantity volumes, for industrial processes in the region.

Using the US and/or Canadian electrical codes, plus relevant inspection standards (NFPA 791 for US and SPE 1000 for Canada), the service works by inspecting the equipment to be exported (typically at your site) and performing assessments and tests, checking wiring and electrical components within the equipment.

This is a fast and effective way to get custom-built, low-quantity volumes of equipment labelled, and offers an alternative route to conformity for qualifying products compared to traditional certification schemes, whereby lengthy test programmes and regular factory audits are required.

We can usually be on site within a week of you placing an order with us, and conforming products can normally be labelled on the day of the inspection.

To find out more about the service, please contact us, or click here for further details.

Tel: +44 (0) 1244 670 900 

Email: info@siracertification.com