Regular episodes about power system testing topics

In order to provide its community with an additional virtual knowledge-sharing platform, OMICRON, a leading worldwide supplier of power system testing solutions, announces the launch of its new, regular podcast series called “Energy Talks”.

The “Energy Talks” podcast series offers listeners monthly episodes in which OMICRON experts, users and industry peers share their practical knowledge and experience on various topics related to power system testing.

All OMICRON “Energy Talks” podcast episodes are available only in English on the OMICRON podcast page ( wherelisteners can also subscribe to the regular podcast series. All episodes are also available under “OMICRON Energy Talks” on the podcast platforms Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.

At OMICRON, sharing knowledge with power system professionals in the form of industry experience, technical expertise and practical know-how is highly important. To do this effectively around the world, OMICRON has embraced a number of virtual knowledge-sharing platforms, such as webinars, online events, and now also podcasting.

Listen and subscribe to the OMICRON “Energy Talks” podcast series –