Offering total control

Mar 1, 2013 | Cables and Accessories

'In continuing to push boundaries in intelligent energy, Schneider Electric has introduces Acti 9, its new reference in low voltage modular systems, offering unmatched efficiency and total controllability.

With 21 patents, the Acti 9 system is designed to make the user’s life simpler, safer and more efficient.

At the forefront is total control. Unlike traditional options, Acti 9 easily connects to any facility management system, even in the most challenging of environments, enabling simple, error-free installation, performance and maintenance. With Modbus communications, and pre-fabricated wiring for instant, error-proof connectivity Acti 9 saves 40% of time spent with control wiring. Plus, with real time data coming from panels and circuits, customers can truly fine tune their electrical loads to reduce costs, allocate costs and effectively manage their energy.

Flexibility is also a factor. Amid a modern age of perpetual change, Acti 9 adapts and evolves with the demanding requirements of industrial and tertiary electrical installations and provides zero maintenance installations which are cost effective over time.

Schneider Electric also introduces Acti9 Isobar – a new distribution board range to complement the Acti 9 offer launching at the same time. The Acti9 Isobar has all the features of the existing Isobar 4c offer plus extra safety features including an interlocked switch disconnector for each outgoing way which cannot be operated without a device fitted. This Acti 9 Isobar range will also include additional MID approved metering options within the standard offer and more internal cabling space.

Added to this, a total of 21 patents each offer a number of industry benefits. One example is the VisiSafe feature which provides reinforced insulation on the iC60 miniature circuit breaker and ilD residual current breaker ranges. This guarantees the downstream circuit is always safe, regardless of overvoltage conditions, wear, or operator experience, even in the most demanding environments. Combined with its Class 2 front face, where clearances between its surfaces and internal parts are more than twice the industry standard, it exceeds even the most demanding safety requirements.

Conversely, through its VisiTrip, Acti 9 offers efficiency in day to day operations whereby users can identify a fault at a glance, so that they can quickly diagnose, resolve and reclose circuits for easier building management and reduced down-time. Added to this, super immunisation of RCDs guarantees the highest continuity of service and electrical immunity.

Tom France, marketing manager at Schneider Electric commented, “As a business with more than 50 years’ experience in the low voltage power distribution arena, we are committed to driving innovation by developing truly unique solutions which meet the evolving needs of our customers.

“Inherently, integrating final distribution panels with facility management solutions could be a challenge, whereby running control and communication cabling, in addition to electrical wiring, could be complex and error prone. With Acti 9 we have effectively eliminated this issue – it is simple to use, ready to connect and easily integrated with all facility management architecture and will become the new, major component for energy efficiency solutions. The result is efficient building management, eliminated downtime and an even more competitive business.”

Unlike any other system on the market, Acti 9 combines high quality and performance with completely clean, 100% recyclable components and is environmentally friendly.