Ensures Accurate Fluid Control for Higher Yields, Less Waste, Reduced Costs

  • Screw feed technology combined with precision time and pressure controls to dispense accurate, repeatable amounts of particle filled materials, solder pastes, thermal greases, silver epoxies
  •  Adjustable auger speed
  • Two motor types—brush or brushless
  • Fixed head version for lines and stripes
  • Sliding head/footed tip version maintains consistent dispense gap when dispensing on surfaces with irregular height.


Nordson EFD precision dispensing systems deliver consistent and reliable deposits that improve yields and reduce costs in electronics and electro-mechanical assembly processes.

Nordson EFD’s solder paste formulations meet the most stringent application requirements in the electronics industry for reliable process control, resulting in increased throughput and first-pass yields.

Also available operator-controlled, microprocessor-based dispensers that  improve productivity in benchtop assembly processes.

EFD International Inc., Dunstable, U.K.

+44 1582 666334