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M81 Synchronous Source Measure System

Niamh Marriott, Editor


Tags: News

The MeasureReady M81-SSM (Synchronous Source and Measure) system provides a confident and straightforward approach for advanced measurement applications.

The M81 eliminates the complexity of multiple function-specific instrumentation setups, combining the convenience of DC and AC sourcing with DC and AC measurement, including a lock‑in’s sensitivity and measurement performance.

The M81-SSM uses patent-pending MeasureSync signal synchronisation, enabling continuous data sampling on every channel. Noise and sensitivity are on par with the best scientific-grade source and measure instruments.


•          Unique real-time sampling architecture for synchronous sourcing and measuring

•          Designed for scientific-grade low-level measurement applications

•          The absolute precision of DC plus the detection sensitivity performance of AC instrumentation

•          Unique, flexible instrument/distributed module architecture

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