To outline the benefits and savings associated with the use of diffuserless IP65 fixtures, GlassGuard has launched a new training module: ‘An Introduction to Diffuserless IP65 Lighting Fixtures’.

The module provides important continuing professional development in the fields of safety and lighting, explains critical control points and highlights associated problems with existing fluorescent lighting. It also explains how diffuserless IP65 fixtures can help improve plant safety, reduce operating costs and allow for easier maintenance.

The module is aimed at individuals responsible for lighting, particularly within food production and packaging facilities where food safety and hygiene is of the utmost importance. ‘An Introduction to Diffuserless IP65 Lighting Fixtures’ will also appeal to auditors involved in providing inspection and certification services for the food industry.

GlassGuard marketing manager, Stewart Damonsing, commented, “The new training module is a follow-up to the hugely popular ‘Introduction to Fragment Retention Lamps’ CPD launched earlier this year. This brand new module shows how using diffuserless IP65 fixtures in combination with fragment retention lamps in areas such as food production and packaging can minimise the risk of glass and plastic contamination, thereby helping it meet HACCP compliance and the requirements of all applicable hygiene and safety audits.”