New outstanding adhesives in Panacol´s Elecolit® product line are the thermosetting, one-component epoxy resin adhesives with very good heat-conducting properties and very high metal adhesion. These adhesives were specially formulated to meet the increasing demands for bonding and dissipating heat from power electronics.

Elecolit 6603 for example is augmented with mineral-based fillers which ensure high electrical insulation. Comparable dielectric strength is usually only achieved by thermally conductive adhesive tapes. As an added benefit, the adhesive is resistant to constant heat stress up to 200° C.

Elecolit® 6603  is slightly flexible and can also be used as a potting compound. It features very good flow behaviour and can be processed via screen printing, with a dispenser, spreading knife or a spatula.

Variations of this adhesive are available that offer greater rigidity and several selections of viscosity ranges. Depending on the individual application adhesives with higher heat conductivity or higher dielectric strength are available.

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