New socket range with a multitude of benefits

Jul 11, 2012 | Cables and Accessories

Legrand’s new Hypra Prisinter range of industrial sockets has been designed to incorporate an interlocked load break that means the socket will not carry any live power unless the plug is connected. It also removes the need for a separate adjacent isolator, which results in savings in terms of installation time, space and money.

This emphasis on safety is also reflected by the lockable nature of all Prisinter socket covers, which when closed, deliver IP55 rated protection, and when used in conjunction with Hypra plugs, allow the level of protection to be chosen to suit a particular environment. For example, a Prisinter socket delivers IP44 with a Hypra IP44 plug connected; IP55 with a Hypra IP67/66-55 angled plug connected; and IP54 with a Hypra IP66/67-55 straight plug connected.

In addition, all the Prisinter sockets are available in 16, 32 and 63A ratings, offered in surface mounted and panel mounted options, and are available in two materials – plastic and metal.


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