New power management video shines a light on UPS battery life

Apr 8, 2013 | UPS & Standby Power

Eaton has recently launched the latest addition to its Power 101 with professor Wattson series of power management videos aimed at IT professionals, resellers and distributors.

Entitled simply ‘Batteries’, the video features Eaton’s animated star professor Wattson who reveals how IT managers can prevent down-time, save money and extend the battery life of their uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The video is available on the company’s dedicated IT solutions website at and at the end of the video, viewers have the opportunity to download Eaton’s latest technology briefing on improving battery performance.

Batteries are a key component of UPSs and directly affect a unit’s run-time. They are also the most expensive component and the most likely to fail if not monitored and maintained. Additionally, batteries are electromechanical devices and their performance therefore gradually decreases over time, with a worn battery potentially leading to unexpected load loss. In ‘Batteries’ professor Wattson explains how heat and age are the primary causes of battery failure and premature wear and offers practical advice on how to mitigate against these by maintaining the correct temperature and checking batteries regularly using an automatic battery check system.

At the end of the video, viewers looking for more detailed information on this topic can also download a free technology briefing that explores the technology behind the latest battery management systems such as Eaton’s ABM technology. These systems use sensing circuitry and a three stage charging technique to extend the useful service life of UPS batteries by up to 50% while also optimising the battery recharge time.