Following 16 years of intensive planning and development, RICS unveiled the third instalment of its New Rules of Measurement in spring, 2014. Providing a standardised methodology and holistic guidance for producing estimates, cost plans, bills of quantities and reports throughout a building’s life-cycle, NRM3 has been hailed as a giant leap-forward for the industry.

However, the ground-breaking order of cost-estimating and cost-planning is not widely understood by all AEC stakeholders.

In its handy new guide, NRM3 and Me, Amtech offers a comprehensive and uncomplicated look at why NRM3 is set to become an essential addition to the industry and how everyone can begin to benefit from the provision of consistent rules and guidelines for the measurement of capital, maintenance and renewal works.

New opportunities, mergers, acquisitions and challenges are now manifold in the building services industry and companies need to proactively demonstrate and impact positive change in the contract management sector.

If you’re sinking in a sea of data or drowning in information and reporting that is not adding value to your business then NRM3 and Me will help you to understand how to maximise the multiple benefits of RICS’ remarkable measurement revolution.

Furthermore, the guide explores the relationship between NRN3 and BIM where understanding and implementing the former can help everyone work at higher and enhanced levels, saving time and cost.

Download your essential guide here: