Leading manufacturer LUMiLife has launched a brand new range of LED high bays to provide an extremely efficient, cost-effective and top-quality lighting solution for high-ceiling industrial applications. Now available at LEDHut Trade, LUMiLife high bays can cut a building’s energy use from lighting by 60%1 or more compared to conventional metal halide, sodium and halogen alternatives, and boast a lengthy, maintenance-free lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.


Cutting costs and emissions without compromise

Industrial buildings are legally required to be well lit, and with long opening hours, they will typically consume high levels of electricity – resulting in expensive energy bills and a substantial carbon footprint. What’s more, the maintenance of high ceiling lighting systems is often a costly and cumbersome operation, which can lead to unwanted production downtime and push overheads up even further. As a result, warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings are all under increasing pressure to upgrade their outdated and wasteful lighting systems. The development of the new LUMiLife high bays has provided the industrial sector with a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for a range of applications, from airports, shopping centres and cold storage right through to manufacturing plants and fulfilment operations.

Available in two outputs (100W and 150W), LUMiLife LED high bays provide a like-for-like alternative to metal halide, sodium and halogen high bays. Incorporating the latest-generation LED technology, they offer instant brightness of up to 108 lumens per Watt whilst still delivering unrivalled efficiency. To illustrate this, a recent installation at a 26,000 sqft warehouse that saw 38 250W Sodium Low Bays replaced with 150W LED Bay Lights from LUMiLife instantly reduced power consumption by 40% – as well as slashing £350 a month from the warehouse’s ongoing energy bills.

As standard, both the 100W and 150W models have a beam angle of 90° and a colour temperature of 5,700 Kelvins. They are also IP66-rated, which means the LEDs are well protected from foreign elements (e.g. dust) and are fully water resistant, for complete peace of mind.


The durable and low-maintenance solution

Unlike traditional high bays, which are typically heavy, bulky and difficult to fit, the modern LED high bays from LUMiLife offer straightforward, manageable installation and minimal maintenance. Suitable for both retrofit and new-build applications, both the 100W and 150W models come with a 1.15m 3-CORE Flex cable and can be easily fitted onto existing hanging chains. An optional hanging kit is offered for use in new projects. The lightest of their kind on the global market, each model weighs just 2kg – compared to other LED high bays available today, which can weigh more than 10kg.

LUMiLife high bays also feature cutting-edge “Flicker Free” technology, which helps ensure consistent high brightness and reduces stress on the LED, extending its lifespan considerably. In fact, whilst traditional high-ceiling lighting systems call for regular repair and replacement, LUMiLife LED high bays last for up to 50,000 hours – providing long-lasting, top-quality performance and ongoing savings.

For more information on LUMiLife LED high bays, or any other product in LEDHut Trade’s extensive industrial, commercial and domestic LED lighting portfolio, please visit trade.ledhut.co.uk or call 0161 655 0660.

[1] Based on replacing a 400W metal halide high bay with a 150W LUMiLife LED high bay