Nittan, a leading manufacturer of conventional and addressable fire detection products, has extended its range of audio visual fire products with the new Evolution EV-HIOP-SB(IC) Sounder / Beacon. The EV-HIOP-SB(IC) provides a simple and highly cost-effective solution to meeting the DDA requirements by providing both sound and flashing light to alert occupants to a fire.  The cost effectiveness comes from its exceptional ease of installation and because, unlike other products on the market, the EV-HIOP-SB(IC) is IP65 rated as standard. The EV-HIOP-SB(IC) comes with 16 alarm tones to choose from and individually controlled alarm and alert tones, allowing customers to choose a combination that works for any installation.  It is EEPROM Addressed (Programmer) and features FSK signalling protocol for robust, reliable communications.