Flex Connectors ltd, manufacturer of the flex7 lighting connection and control system, have released a lighting connection & control solution in one. It comes preprogrammed with up to 15 distinct lighting configurations common to teaching and educational environments.

Offering a prefabricated alternative to traditional wiring, the ZoneLite Type T is designed for use in educational environments. It provides options for absence/presence/daylight linking/graduated daylight dimming lighting control, independent switching of whiteboard or projector lights, emergency test, corridor hold, last man out switch and scene setting.

Operates at PELV

All sensor heads and switch drops operate at PELV. This allows for use of lightweight plug-in switch drops and sensor leads. In particular because flex7 switch drops operate at PELV they do not require enclosing in an earthed metallic covering nor the protection of an RCD as is often the requirement for mains switch drops.


No Commissioning Required

Just choose the required configuration using the rotary selector switch on your ZoneLite


Cost Effective

System simply plugs together, saving time on site, and reducing need for skilled electricians.


Quick And Easy To Wire

Large wiring compartment.Remove cover with a single screw


Global Switch Inputs

Each ZoneLite can also accept up to 3 global switch commands:

Emergency Test – tests emergency fittings.

Last Man Out – initiates all connected luminaires off.

All Lights On – initiates all connected luminaires on.

(Global switch inputs are typically connected to a group of ZoneLites).


Corridor Hold

Interlinking corridor hold between a group of ZoneLites allows circulation areas and exit routes to be illuminated when outlying spaces are occupied.


Zonelite Control Units are available with 4,12,16 or 20 outlets. These are configured into groups to be controlled by up to 4 individual channels. Each unit comes as standard with 4 PELV miniature sensor head ports, 4 PELV switch drop ports and 1 PELV network port.


You can order a catalogue by ringing us on 020 8580 1066, emailing info@flexconnectors.co.uk or visiting www.flexconnectors.co.uk/zonelite