Voltage optimisation brand Powerstar has announced the launch of a new solution, Powerstar Virtue. A UK manufactured solution from EMSc (UK), Powerstar Virtue is an energy storage system and a result of the company’s research and development programme. It is the latest addition in the award-winning Powerstar range of solutions.

Powerstar Virtue uses the patented Powerstar voltage optimisation technology and harnesses the induced negative power feedback to the supply, to charge a storage medium. The energy savings made from the voltage optimisation system are diverted into the Powerstar Virtue energy storage system, which can be used at the most beneficial time to the electricity user.

The solution can be integrated with on-site renewable energy generation to combine the energy saved from the voltage optimisation system with that generated from the renewable energy source. As a result, users can save by switching to the stored supply at any time they wish, as well as ensuring a constant and reliable energy supply.

There is a growing requirement globally for energy storage solutions as energy grids around are struggling to cope with the surge in demand for electricity, which causes increased supply instability. This ever increase in demand requires more cabling and pylons to support usage, a cost that is ultimately passed onto electricity users.

Speaking about the new Powerstar Virtue system, creator Dr Alex Mardapittas said: “Energy storage is recognised in many studies as an important solution to address the growing energy problems, as it allows energy generated during periods of low demand to be stored locally and used at peak times.”

Dr Mardapittas added, “Powerstar Virtue takes this one step further, by allowing energy saved from voltage optimisation technology to be diverted into storage, along with combining energy generated from onsite renewables, when available, the solution gives the user greater reliability, unprecedented control over their own supply and makes renewable energy reliable.”

Additional benefits of Powerstar Virtue include eliminating the use of inverters on renewable installations, this can help to reduce costs of renewable installations and improve return on investment. Sites will also benefit from reduced harmonics, voltage phase balancing and improved power factor along with reduced maintenance costs of electrical equipment and a 100% savings guarantee, as offered with all Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions.

The solution is expected to attract huge interest from the commercial sector attracted by the significant savings, flexibility and reliability provided by the new Powerstar Virtue. Grid operators and utility companies will also benefit from being able to provide a more efficient and effective electrical network with increased stability and no interruptions.