OKW have added a range of new components to its INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosures range, providing design engineers with a wider range of housing configurations.

The INTERFACE-TERMINAL series is suitable for a variety of applications including medical and wellness equipment, measuring and control instruments, security electronics and point of sale systems.

The new components include flush mounted ABS front panels, deeper bottom sections and new low profile wall mounting elements.

The new ABS panels are recessed for mounting a membrane keypad or product label. The deeper bottom sections provide more space for the PCBs, displays and keypads and the extra space required for touch screens. The new wall mounting elements can be easily fitted to a wall or machine housing and include a pushbutton locking mechanism. Five-pole contacts can also be mounted to the wall element and case for charging and data transfer when the housing is attached.

The main housing components are moulded in off-white ABS (UL 94 HB), with external dimensions of 190 x 135 x 95mm (S), 225 x 165 x 104mm (M) and 275 x 195 x 36mm (L). The three part assembly consists of the top and centre section which can be mounted in a portrait or landscape orientation on the base section or base panel. The base panel can be specified with a battery compartment for five 1.5V AA cells.

The top sections can be configured closed, or with a recess for a membrane keypad, or open for mounting an anodised aluminium front panel. A glass panel is also available for mounting 6.4” or 8.4” touchscreens.



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