Hitachi has announced that it has signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement with Russian electric power transmission and distribution company Russian Grids for technical cooperation on the modernisation and stabilisation of electric power distribution infrastructure.

As a first project, Hitachi will work with Russian Grids on investigating specific measures aimed at enhancing the efficiency and reliability of transmission and distribution networks in the Republic of Buryatia, one of the republics of the Russian Federation. This project includes the study of substation equipment upgrades, improvements to the energy efficiency of substation buildings, and installations of grid stabilisation systems designed to support renewable energy. The cooperation agreement was signed at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2013, hosted by president Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation.

In the Russian Federation, modernisation of the electric power transmission and distribution infrastructure, which covers a wide geographical area of the federation, is one of the top priorities, and robust demand for upgrade work is anticipated. In April 2012, Hitachi signed an agreement on collaboration in the electric power industry with Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, and has been engaged in ongoing discussions on the potential use of advanced equipment and solution technologies that can enhance processes for the design, engineering, installation and operation of the Russian Federation’s electric power transmission infrastructure.

Hitachi signed this cooperation agreement with Russian Grids in order to conduct investigations into the installation of equipment and other systems that can enhance the efficiency and reliability of the extensive electric power transmission and distribution networks in Russia, constructed and operated by Russian Grids. By September 2013, Hitachi’s initial intention is to use this cooperation agreement as the basis for proposing specific measures for the Republic of Buryatia, including a transportation hub located on the south east side of Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia.

These measures include substation upgrades with the latest equipment and systems to improve the efficiency of electric power transmission and distribution, installation of energy management systems to improve the energy efficiency of electrical conversion facilities, and grid stabilisation and battery systems designed to support the adoption of renewable energy.

As a systems integrator, Hitachi can build complete power distribution infrastructure that combines both equipment and information technology (IT), covering everything from electrical conversion, monitoring and control systems, power electronics and other equipment through systems used for distribution, direct current (DC) transmission, grid stabilisation, electrical storage, and very high voltage. From major power plants to institutional consumers, Hitachi can act as a single supplier for electric power distribution infrastructure which supports technologies such as smart grids and installations of large amounts of renewable energy or battery systems.