In order to measure gap widths in difficult to access areas or objects, Micro-Epsilon has launched its new capaNCDT CSG non-contact capacitive displacement sensor.

With the new capaNCDT CSG sensor, electrodes are applied to the top front and back of a 20cm long printed circuit board substrate. Using the sensor electrodes and the differential calculation method, the width of a gap can be determined accurately whilst moving the sensor into the gap.

The sensor has a flexible probe that enables it to be used in applications where the measurement target or object is difficult to access. The sensor is capable of measuring gap widths of 0.9mm up to 4.9mm at a resolution of up to 90nm. However, the sensor requires a metal measurement target and a relatively clean measurement gap.

Micro-Epsilon has also developed a similar version of the sensor that offers larger measuring ranges. The new capaNCDT CSE sensor has the same dimensions as the CSG but provides up to 2.5 times larger measuring ranges. This is achieved by equipping the sensor with a shielded electrode that is set back from the probe, which means for a similar measuring range, the CSE sensor dimensions are smaller.

The cylindrical design of the CSE sensor and a connector on the back of the unit means the sensor is suitable for a range of applications. The sensors can also be connected to any other Micro-Epsilon controller or electronics, which ensures sensor interchangeability.

For applications that require sub-nanometre resolution and multi-channel measurements, the CSG and CSE sensors can be used in conjunction with Micro-Epsilon’s non-contact, capacitive measurement system, the capaNCDT 6500. This system offers sub-nanometre resolution, temperature stability and rapid changeover of sensors without the need for any re-calibration.

The capaNCDT 6500 Series is available as a benchtop or 19” rack mounted unit and can accept up to eight measuring channels to suit individual customer requirements. The system is suitable for  R&D applications, test laboratories, quality assurance, academic institutions and semiconductor manufacturing, military, aerospace and defence applications.


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