For a limited time only, Megger is supplying its popular MFT1720 multifunction installation tester with a FREE durable and convenient belt pouch. The pouch supports and protects the instrument during use and it features an ergonomic design that allows the instrument to be carried and accessed easily with reduced strain on shoulders and back. In addition, it ensures the meter does not hamper the user, a common issue when using a single strap pouch worn around the neck.

Like all testers in the MFT1700 range, the MFT1720 has been developed specifically to make installation testing safer, faster and more convenient. Conforming to all the requirements of the 3rd Amendment, the tester is light but tough, it has a large backlit display and timesaving facilities that include two-wire non-trip loop testing, auto-start continuity testing and optional pass/fail RCD testing.

The MFT1720 has a CAT IV 300 V safety rating in line with BS EN 61010, which makes it safe to use on all areas of low voltage electrical installations both inside and out. It offers insulation testing at 250 V, 500 and 1 KV, continuity testing at 200 mA and 15 mA, and two- and three-wire non-trip loop testing. Fast high-current loop testing for use on circuits that are not RCD protected is also supported, along with display of maximum Zs and R1 + R2 for circuit verification.

In addition, Megger’s versatile MFT1720 multifunction installation tester has provision for measuring voltage, frequency, phase rotation in three-phase systems and, when used with a suitable probe, temperature.