To help electrical contractors profitably meet the burgeoning demand for electric vehicle charge points, Megger UK has launched the EVCA210-UK, a versatile adaptor for charge point testing.

Designed for use in conjunction with a multifunction installation tester, such as the Megger MFT1741+, the adaptor allows users to fully test Mode 3 AC electric vehicle charge points in compliance with UK, European and other International wiring regulations and standards, including IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722.

Suitable for testing both single- and three-phase charge points, when used with an appropriate connector, the EVCA210-UK simulates the connection of an electric vehicle to the charge point under test, allowing the user to trigger the charging process by selecting the appropriate Proximity Pilot (PP) and Control Pilot (CP) states. It also has a manual PE pre-test feature to test for dangerous voltages present on the PE, prior to carrying any other testing.

“Electric vehicle usage is predicted to rise sharply in the next couple of decades”, said Peter Wade of Megger, “and the charge points for these vehicles must be tested as part of the initial installation, with testing then repeated periodically. To make life easy for contractors carrying out this essential work, we’ve produced the EVCA210-UK. It’s simple to use and it’s versatile – it’s compatible with the vast majority of charge points they are likely to encounter in homes, business premises and elsewhere.”

For added convenience, test instruments can be connected to the EVCA210-UK using either the front mounted mains socket or the 4 mm connection ports (L1, L2, L3, N, PE) provided. Two additional terminals give the operator the ability to measure the CP signal using an oscilloscope. The Megger EVCA210-UK has two connection cables supplied as standard: a Type 2 connector for charging points with a panel mounted socket outlet or a tethered cable with its own connector, also  a Type 1 connector  for charging points with a tethered  Type 1 Plug  which is suitable for use with the likes of Mitsubishi PHEV vehicles for example.