EcoPowerSupplies has announced a special incentive targeted at the UK comms room and datacentre market for Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Up to 31st December 2014 the company is offering IT-sector clients an extra 6-9% discount on its award-winning Eaton UPS systems.

The extra discounts can be claimed for on-line purchases or purchases against a valid order and credit terms. The discounts start with 3% from the published prices for standard three-phase Eaton UPS systems from 8-200kVA including the 9355, 93E and 9390 series. A further 3% is available if an Eaton maintenance contract is ordered with the uninterruptible power supply. The Eaton 93PM modular UPS, introduced in 2014 and available up to 200kW enjoys a larger 6% discount. This can be extended to 9% when purchased with an Eaton maintenance plan.

As well as the extra incentives, Eaton systems are also listed on the Carbon Trust Energy Technology List (ETL), providing further tax advantages for EcoPowerSupplies’ clients. To be included, ETL products must meet specific energy efficiency levels and once approved, provide enhanced capital allowances in the first year of their installation. The special discounts are an ideal incentive for IT-sector clients looking to protect the critical power paths within their comms rooms and datacentres . The incentives are designed to complement Eaton’s outstanding reputation for innovation and energy efficiency. They allow clients to select Eaton for both new-build and refurbishment projects. As well as providing a full project management and turnkey installation service, EcoPowerSupplies also provides a recycling service for previously installed UPS systems.

“We recently launched the Eaton discounts and this has been very well received by our UK datacentre clients especially,” commented Robin Koffler of EcoPowerSupplies. “This latest promotion in conjunction with Eaton UPS, further underlines our commitment to the UK market. The 3-9% discounts cannot be matched by any other UPS manufacturer in Europe and provide great value for our clients.”

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