Lugs, another bolt-on to the range

Jun 24, 2016 | Cables and Accessories

Conta-Clip continues to add to their portfolio with the addition of un-insulated lug terminals to complement their extensive range of stud terminals.

The main products are the galvanised QKS seemed ring shaped lug and the RKS tube cable lugs.

QKS start at 0.5mm² through 240mm² (M2.5/M16), where as the RKS start at 6mm² through 630mm² (M4/M20).

To complete the range, a selection of un-insulated SKS pin crimp and STV butt connectors are also available.

· Heat resistant up to 125°CQ

· QKS – soldered, DIN EN13599

· RKS – Cu-ETP, DIN EN13600

· Large size range