Feb 8, 2021 | News, UPS & Standby Power

Transport Distribution Hubs operate around the clock, loading and unloading consignments. Without power, the whole process stops, with trucks backing up and nowhere to store consignments. Even a short power blip can wipe out Wireless Barcode Scanners and plunge your hub into chaos


Working through the night to load and dispatch consignments. GRID failures strike without any prior warning, plunging logistics into darkness as well as loss of production controls. Dependable electricity is critically important for distribution logistics. Power loss will wipe out your database, together with all of today’s entries rendering your fleet immobile.

The effective solution to this problem is a standby emergency backup power generation system. Power interruption can last from a few seconds, to several hours or more. Unless Power Continuity Systems are installed.

Core operations are kept operational even without GRID mains power. There’s a wide range of technologies available. Before exploring the best option for you, it’s worth determining the potential disruption and financial loss to your business, caused by any power failure.


Business continuity planning calculates in advance the total financial loss caused by power outages.

Now you have the facts, begin comparing Power Continuity solutions. Weigh up the financial benefits that a fully installed automatic backup system could bring to your distribution business.

In order to get prepared, you need to find a company that can design and install a bespoke power protection system for your business requirements.

This is not an ‘off the shelf’ option. Each automatic system is bespoke. Tailor made.

Power Continuity Ltd has been designing and installing backup power sources for the establishment for over 25 years. Therefore, we understand the critical importance of continuous power supplies to the business operations.


Grid Loss will devastate fresh stock, chilled foods, meat supplies. A Power Continuity backup generator means the difference between losing and preserving the entire inventory. Issues, hold ups caused by Brexit have been devastating to logistical companies. Don’t compound the frustration by losing GRID mains power. Automatic power protection will save your business profits and your customers. Protect it or lose it!

If you’re looking for the Emergency Standby Generator installation to protect your Logistics and Distribution centres or Transport Hubs, then come directly to us. Our systems operate beyond your expectations, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

All the leading automotive manufacturers depend on Power Continuity. As well as Pharmaceutical and the NHS operations. We know what Critical means.


Planning in advance will prevent the hardships that power outages bring. See the light. Call Power Continuity and let’s make that difference today.

Generator installations that work every time. UPS installations that never let you down.

In a disruptive world, not knowing where the next problem is coming from, let Power Continuity keep your power up and running 24/7, automatically.

We Design. We Build. We Install and We Maintain. We are Power Continuity.