LIGHTPATH Ex: 100% safe light source

Oct 8, 2018 | Lighting

LIGHTPATH Ex is a fibre illumination system that projects a continuous line of light carrying no electrical power, making it 100% safe for the user and the work environment.

This fibre lighting system comprises of optical fibre, a JCE Group patented fibre lighting unit (FLU) and an explosion proof enclosure, with or without battery back-up, and is suitable for use in either Zone 0 or Zone 1 areas.

It was designed, in collaboration with PhotoSynergy Ltd (PSL) of St Andrews University, to improve the safety of personnel operating in hazardous areas, with low or poor visibility, by lighting a wide variety of inaccessible areas.

LIGHTPATH Ex is a continuous power source with a range of applications including escape route illumination and helipad lighting, in a number of sectors where there may be a risk of fire and/or explosion, such as Nuclear Power Stations, Petrochemical Plants, Offshore Installations and Distillery/Bonded Warehouse Operations.

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