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Feb 13, 2013 | Lighting

Using its experience in LED technology and high IP rated enclosures, Banner has developed a new Lighting and Indicators division. The Lighting half of this division has two main parts, Vision lights and Task lights.

Vision lights are a complete range of maintenance-free LED lighting in red, green, blue, white and infrared. They are high intensity with built-in universal strobe control and power regulation, eliminating the need for an external controller and power supply. There is also a complete range of polarising filter kits, coloured filters and lighting diffusers to fulfil all the requirements of the machine vision industry.

Task lights provide an industrial alternative to fluorescent and halogen bulbs in enclosure, area and machine lighting, including control cabinets and panels. The bright, energy efficient LEDs use as little as ten percent of the energy of conventional lighting to illuminate the same area. They are more efficient in directing light to the work area and have a continuous working life in excess of 50,000 hours.

The rugged housings, including IP69K, make them well suited for use in wet or dirty environments, with a choice of sizes and housing material to fit any area and environment, including food and beverage. The Area lights illuminate large spaces with an even pattern of light and no shadows. The 30 and 50mm work lights are suited to small panels or enclosures where space is at a premium and consume less than 2W at 10-30V DC. The work light strips are available in lighted lengths from 145mm to 1,130mm and in six colours. The low profile, 28mm wide aluminium housing, rated to either IP50 or IP68, can also be connected end to end to minimise wiring.

The second half of the division is dedicated to indicators and actuators. The indicators are direct replacements for panel and tower lights but with all the advantages of LED technology, including maintenance-free 100,000 hour continuous working life. A single indicator can display up to five different colours and these can be glowing, flashing, sequenced flashing, strobing or rotating. Thirteen styles are available including tower and column lights, segmented displays, daylight visible for outdoor applications and traffic lights. All models are rated to IP67 or IP69K and some are also available with audible alerts.

The actuator group combines sensor and indicator technology, producing a range of products which provide operator guidance and feedback in a single unit. Simply put, the indicator tells the operator which part to select and the sensor detects that the operator has taken the correct part. If an incorrect part is selected the indicator will change from green to red and the control system will be alerted. Typical error-proofing applications are automotive and computer assembly where each order has a custom selection of parts.

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