Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited, a Kohler company (UPS Ltd.), today announced the first dates for its CPD certified training course – designed to help graduates and newly qualified electrical engineers understand modern UPS technology and the necessary considerations for specifying a power protection system for mission critical applications.

The newly created course, which has been developed by UPS Ltd.’s in-house technical team, will provide those attending with a concise overview of modern UPS technology, as UPS Ltd director Alan Luscombe explains:

“UPS technology has developed a lot in the last decade and whilst universities and other educational providers are able to explain the basic concepts, they don’t reach the technical level you need to specify a system. For those with an interest in this area, these course represents a unique opportunity to learn from those actively involved in the industry, using relevant case studies to explain key technology and highlight the complex challenges they will face.”

The free course will begin with a short UPS revision class, looking at what exactly a UPS does and how it does it. This will be followed by a session highlighting the various system types and key considerations for each. After lunch, attendees will learn about batteries and how to correctly size a UPS system before concluding the day reviewing recent case studies.    

“We hope these events will be a popular addition to our existing course and seminar schedule, helping us play a important role in the professional development of the people we work with and rely on every day,” Luscombe adds.

The dates of the first three events have been announced as Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel on the 19th May, Edinburgh’s Radisson Blu Hotel on the 20th May and at UPS Ltd.’s head office in Hook, Hampshire on the 1st and 2nd July. More dates are expected to be added shortly and those wishing to take part can visit http://www.upspower.co.uk/academy.aspx or call 01256 386700 to find out if a course is taking place nearby.