Latest developments on show at DCW

Feb 26, 2014 | UPS & Standby Power

Socomec is showcasing an integrated range of products and services at this year’s Data Centre World. Socomec’s range of UPS equipment provides continuity and safety of a data centre’s power supply – providing the ultimate protection for critical assets.

Green Power 2.0, a transformer-less unit, combines energy efficiency with unity power to provide the future-proof critical power solution. With units now available from 160kVA to 500kVA, including the latest 250kVA unit, a combined focus on performance and efficiency, energy costs and operating expenditure is minimised and up-time is maximised – throughout the equiment lifecycle.

Socomec’s UPS systems are approved by the Carbon Trust’s Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) for taxable benefits on the purchase of new equipment. This means that any new purchase of a ECA approved Socomec UPS unit entitles users to apply to receive capital allowance benefits and to claim back costs against the purchase of the new equipment (in some cases project costs) from the government under their energy saving guidelines.

The effective management of energy costs starts with the accurate measurement and centralised monitoring of energy consumption. Socomec’s Diris and Countis ranges measure, analyse and monitor network data at every level within the power infrastructure.  Besides metering functions, the new DIRIS A multi-function measuring stations monitor and optimise networks by alarm management, monitoring distribution parameters and the remote control of electrical devices. They communicate via Ethernet and have temperature modules.

Also covering the metering and counting functions, the Diris N analyses the quality of the energy supplied in compliance with the criteria defined by standard EN 50160 and provides a detailed analysis of pollution such as harmonic, inter-harmonic, transient or flicker effect.

Completing the range, the Diris BCMS enables current, energy and power monitoring in Power Distribution Units or Remote Power Panels on up to 72 branch circuits. Furthermore, ten additional circuits (mains incomers) can also be monitored – all within a single device to optimise space usage.

The new DIRIS BCMS 720 system significantly improves energy efficiency by permanently monitoring the current, energy and power on distribution circuits. Its compact form means that the system can be easily retro-fitted into all types of power distribution unit (PDU) or remote power panel (RPP).

Engineered for data centres and service buildings, the DIRIS BCMS 720 delivers reduced energy consumption in parallel with increased power availability, therefore maximising up-time.

The system also enables energy costs to be easily allocated and optmises power capacity management, allowing critical facilities to evolve over time.

Also on show will be Socomec’s latest range of Automatic Transfer Switches including ATyS  – designed specifically for low voltage automatic transfer applications. The ATyS M is designed to control switching between two single-phase or 3-phase sources of supply in remote automatic or manual modes for emergency operations. This Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) is designed for use with low voltage power systems with interrupted supply of the load during transfer. 

The ATyS M 3s (RTSE) is operated through an externally automated, voltage-free contact in the three positions (0, I and II), following a pulse logic or maintained contactor. The ATyS M 6 (ATSE) is the automatic version which controls supply and automatic transfers based on the configurable parameters.