Largest ever system created for Severn Trent’s water treatment facility

Dec 5, 2014 | UPS & Standby Power

A £34m enhancement scheme to update and improve Severn Trent’s Bamford Water Treatment Works has seen Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialists Harland Simon UPS create its largest ever system.

Such is the importance of the Bamford Reservoir which is capable of supplying around 200 million litres of water daily to over 1 million residents across Derby, Nottingham and Leicester that the water treatment and supply process takes place 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day without interruption.

According to Rob Kirk, Severn Trent Water’s North Derbyshire senior maintenance technician, “There is no off here, and there never can be, which is why having the safeguard of UPS systems is so vital to protecting what we do.”

Situated high up in the Peak District, Bamford Water Treatment Works is Severn Trent Water’s third largest site and has been in operation since the early 1900s. As water quality standards have improved and demand increased, so the plant has been adapted accordingly. Updating the works to meet future raw water quality challenges saw the £34m development planned and implemented including the creation of a new Lime and Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant undertaken by MWH – global providers of wet infrastructure planning, design, construction and management.

With existing Harland Simon UPS systems already operating across the Bamford site, it was asked to create a new dedicated system to back up the increased power required for the new lime plant which controls the pH of the water throughout treatment processes.

The solution saw Harland Simon UPS design, test and fit their largest Harland ProtectUPS ever: the ProtectUPS IP54 – a two tonne unit with fans and filters, fitted into an IP54 steel enclosure. In addition to the UPS cabinet, five battery cabinets containing 10 year life batteries were provided with future expansion taken into account through four further cabinets.

Rob Kirk highlighted the importance that Harland Simon’s UPS systems play at Bamford: “Given its geographical location high in the Peak District, Bamford can be difficult to maintain and is battered by the elements – particularly in the winter when power cuts are common place. The UPS system works to support the new lime plant and the DAF plant so plays a crucial role in helping maintain the quality of the water we produce.

“There have always been back-up generators on site to counter any power failures, but today the vast majority of the processes carried out are automated and managed by computers, which is why the UPS support is so critical,” said Rob.

According to Rob, when power is lost unexpectedly, it can take 30 seconds before the generator kicks in. The Harland Simon UPS steps in the instant mains power is lost and provides a seamless transition, maintaining power until the generator takes over or normal power is resumed.

“Power is the critical element here at Bamford and we cannot afford to lose it. As water demand increases we need to meet that and the UPS is absolutely essential to safeguarding what we do. When people think of UPS systems they tend to think of smaller units backing up a bank of computers, but such is Harland Simon’s UPS expertise that they were able to design this new two tonne system for our specific needs and to reflect the sheer scale of what we do here,” said Rob.

Harland Simon UPS sales manager, Dan Conroy, said the challenge met by the company was not just in designing a system to meet power-heavy demands, but in building, transporting and installing it, a process which required specialist lifting and transportation services.

“This has been a very exciting project to work on as it required real in-depth design and test processes to assess the suitability to integrate a huge and heavy UPS as well as physically get it there and fit it,” said Dan.

Severn Trent Water now has peace of mind that in the event of mains power failure a Harland Simon UPS system will support the Bamford plant ensuring water quality for the future, backed up by a full 24hr support package which includes remote management of the system, call outs and maintenance.