Kosnic Lighting have launched a new modular industrial luminaire that has been part of the European collaborative innovation project, CIRC4Life. The Arcus II has been designed and developed with the user and the environmental impact in mind. With the LED low bay offering high energy savings and high performance, it replaces conventional lighting in general industrial areas, manufacturing, warehousing, leisure facilities and retail environments.

The Arcus II is available in 3 wattages (100W, 150W and 200W), various beam angles, it has an optional plug in sensor and the option of built in emergency. The low bay takes a fresh approach on modular design giving the user flexibility along with high energy efficiency.

It has always been at the core of Kosnic’s values to develop and produce environmentally friendly lighting products with extra-long life and higher energy efficiency. Under the scope of the CIRC4Life project, Kosnic have been given great support to perform comprehensive assessments on the environmental impact of their products, and therefore the scope to make necessary improvements.

The Arcus II has a substantially better environmental impact compared to the previous version: the new product is 46% better. A Life-cycle-assessment (LCA) was conducted to understand the environmental impact of the new product by Nottingham Trent University and used in the design of the new luminaire.

Modular LED low bay with high efficiency

This new generation of LED luminaire comprises customisable functional modules:

• Plug-in drivers

• Plug-in motion and daylight sensor

• Plug-in Emergency module

• Various option of optic lens

Flexibility built in Optional emergency module

The Arcus II can be supplied with built-in Kosnic emergency modules, which provide power in the event of a cut in the supply and must be wired to the un-switched supply through the un-switched Live terminal. The battery will supply the luminaire for over 3 hours at a reduced output.

Optional microwave sensor

The optional user installed microwave motion sensor has ambient light level threshold, detection sensitivity and hold time settings. There is also the option to use corridor dimming functionality.

Quick features

• High 18,500 lumen output

• Efficiency 123lm/W

• Class I, IP20 • Optional beam angles

• Conduit, trunking or surface mounting

• Long life of 40,000h

• Instant start

• Negligible UV output

• 5 year standard warranty,

• Optional 7 year extended warranty

The CIRC4Life project is supported by the European Commission’s H2020 Circular Economy programme, the project consortium consists of 17 partners across 8 EU countries. NTU is the lead partner with Professor Daizhong Su as the Project Coordinator. The total project funding is 7.2 million euros including the grant of 6.3 million Euros from the European Commission and 9 million Euros from the industrial partners. The project aims to develop three business models along the product value chain:

• Co-creation of products and services,

• Sustainable consumption,

• Collaborative recycling and reuse.

The business models are demonstrated in four industrial areas: LED lighting products, computer tablets, meat supply chain, and vegetable farming and food. This is a three-year project that started in May 2018 and will end October 2021.

The new modular luminaire (Arcus II) is now available for leasing. The leasing service aims at encouraging collaborative reuse and recycling as part of the CIRC4Life project which is testing how to extend the life of industrial lighting products and integrate circular economy in design and use phases.

Showcasing of this demo will be decided once it is clear what external events can be hosted in Spring 2021 in the UK considering the COVID 19 situation For more information on the CIRC4Life project please visit www.circ4life.eu