Integration of coupling devices enhances Bender LIM performance

Nov 9, 2018 | Cables and Accessories

New Oil & Gas Technology Announcement

Increased Capability

The market-leading isoHR685W LIM which detects up to 10G ohms can now monitor IT systems up to 1,760V DC and 12kV AC through the addition of a Bender coupling device.

Earlier Warning of Insulation Failure 

ROV applications and subsea umbilical monitoring 3kV AC are applications for the isoHR685W. This device is designed to provide early warning of subsea cable insulation degradation, enabling planned preventive maintenance and reducing the cost of unplanned downtime. A measuring range of up to 10 ohms allows the trend of the insulation level to be recognised at an early stage.

Reduced Interference

Interference from neighbouring monitoring devices in capacitively coupled IT systems is suppressed and filtered out by the ISOsync synchronisation feature which enables multiple LIMs to be fitted across the umbilical power cores.

The isoHR685W uses the extended Adapted Measuring Principle [AMP] to overcome limitations of DC measuring signals by superimposing a clocked, pulsed measuring voltage onto the system. The microprocessor-controlled signal automatically adapts to system conditions such as high leakage capacitances.

Proven Technology 

The isoHR685W insulation monitor is designed and proven in use in oil and gas applications and is compliant with IEC 61557-8. With the addition of a Bender coupling device we can now offer an even greater monitoring and measuring capability for our customers.

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