IDEAL Industries, the specialist in electrical tools, accessories and components, has developed a new range of test and measurement equipment designed to offer electricians quality, accuracy and consistency at a competitive price.

The new test and measurement range from IDEAL Industries includes devices designed specifically for commercial projects, domestic installations and use by apprentices. By leveraging the company’s global scale and know-how to homogenise the test and measurement range, IDEAL Industries has developed a robust and high performance range, packed with innovative and useful functionality.

The new range includes all the test and measurement requirements commonly needed on site, including clamp meters, split jaw (fork) meters, multi-meters (DMM), voltage testers and indicators, non-contact voltage testers and infrared thermometers. All devices are CE and UL certified, plus CAT rated for the relevant operating environment, providing peace of mind that the tester is fit for the job and will pass scrutiny if equipment is audited.

With robust yellow casing to protect the devices from drops and knocks and make them easier to find on site, the range has been designed with common features and function locations to make it easy for electricians to transition from device to device. For example, across many of the testers, non-contact voltage, high voltage and continuity indicators have a common display functionality and are located at the top of the unit.

Several of the products have IP ratings, providing various levels of dust and water protection aligned to different installation environments. The range also includes an array of useful features such as a backlight, a torch and a hanging strap.

Brett Smyth, general manager EMEA of IDEAL Industries comments: “User research was integral to our product development process, which is why we have included useful features such as probe holders on the back of testers allow for two-hand testing, and a back light torch function. The innovative, patented bottom display, which was previously only available on IDEAL TightSight Clamp Meters, has now also been incorporated into the Fork Meter thanks to user feedback, aiding visibility for users when working in confined and poorly lit locations.”

Other key features of the range include a LEAD warning on the DMMs, notifying the user if the test lead has been inserted into the wrong port. Meanwhile, the FUSE notification feature alerts the user to a blown fuse, while allowing them to continue with measurements unaffected by the fuse.

“Testing and measurement are important safety elements of any electrical installation,” Brett adds. “Often there is a huge disparity between the best, branded test and measurement equipment, which is robust, accurate and performs consistently well, and the more affordable alternatives, which are less reliable and accurate.

“With the new IDEAL Test and Measurement range, Electricians can be confident that they are investing in equipment a competitive price point that will not only do the job, but will be easy to use and last for years.”