Ideal Industries, the global leader in electrical accessories, tools and equipment, has launched a Student Safe Isolation Kit for trainee electricians.

The move follows a knowledge sharing programme that has seen Ideal Industries engage with further education providers to contribute training and equipment.

Brett Smyth, General Manager of Ideal Industries UK and EMEA explains: “Poor safety behaviours around isolations is a real problem in the electrical industry, with only one in five electricians carrying a safe isolation kit in their tool bag.

“We want to help address that and designing a Safe Isolation Kit that has everything a trainee electrician needs and ensuring it’s available at an accessible price is a significant milestone.”

The new Student Safe Isolation Kit from Ideal Industries includes a Vol-Con® Digital Voltage Tester, which tests for both AC and DV voltage. It provides a visual and audible alert for continuity and non-contact voltage and features low impedance to eliminate ghost voltages. Costing £58, the kit also includes a medium circuit breaker lock out kit, a universal MCB lockout device, a safety padlock, re-usable lockout tags and a marker pen, all contained in a handy pouch.

The launch of the new kit has been welcomed by training providers. Adrian Davey, trainer at Steve Willis Training Centres, comments: “The only way to protect operatives on site is to test for residual current, lock out and tag the isolation. Making a safe isolation kit specifically designed for and accessible to students is a very positive step.”