Recessed or surface-mounted, Walky is the embodiment of modern luminaire design technology and innovation. Devised and designed for outdoor spaces, this extraordinary collection of round, square and rectangular miniaturised luminaires are available in a white, grey or the now popular Corten finish, with sizes available from 45mm and luminous flux levels ranging from between 270 and 1800 lumens.

The miniaturization, a distinctive feature of Walky, applies to both the luminaire and its components. The very latest generation LED technology, together with materials, optics and application development, have allowed iGuzzini to utilise every single internal millimetre, eliminating superfluous space.

With the launch of this new collection, iGuzzini has exceeded current market performance in this product category, by transferring its expertise in vertical lighting into horizontal lighting. This is achieved using new optics able to evenly distribute light on to a horizontal plane, from the base of the wall on which the product is installed, then evenly along the target surface. The result is a clean, flush effect, without shadow lines near the wall, making it both practical and attractive. This ensures that the pathway is evenly illuminated in its entirety. Walky guarantees maximum visual comfort and offers the possibility of Dali dimming, along with IP66 ingress protection (luminaire with driver).

The miniaturisation process arose from the need to integrate luminaires with architecture. iGuzzini have been developing solutions that seamlessly blend lighting solutions into architectural design from as early as the 1980s. This has always been an on-going process based on technological breakthroughs, which have now reached a perfect combination of size and performance. Walky is condensed technology with excellent results that are not limited to photometrics. It has a minimal, intelligent design that has been fine-tuned to meet both formal and practical requirements.

The installation phase is also mapped out in advance and features a series of tried and tested steps that facilitate installation and guarantee a clean and elegant finished effect. Walky can be installed onto any kind of wall and finish, thereby fulfilling architects’ and designers’ wish for a form of integration able to create urban harmony.

The 45mm (square/rectangular cross-section) and 50mm (round cross-section) versions are ideal for residential use, whereas the larger sizes suit architectural and urban settings. All feature easy installation and anti-vandalism opening devices. One of the main design features is that there are no visible screws or latches on the body of the luminaire, something unique with this type of luminaire on the market today. A specialist Anti Vandal tool is supplied with the fitting to remove the fitting from the wall through a hidden clip system.

The ø 200mm circular and 180x180mm square versions (3000K – CRI 80) also feature a permanent emergency function with an autonomy of 3 hours. A flow of over 17% (80 lm) of the total system flow is guaranteed.

The recessed version can be supplied with a polystyrene moulding element, if necessary, for use as a template when casting concrete. For the recessed fixture, the outer recessed casing is manufactured from a highly durable acrylic material, and the visible housing from the highest grade aluminium.

The wall-mounted/surface mounted version of the product consists of an aluminium base and an aluminium surface head. .

Walky, (launched at Light+Building 2018), is already award winning. In March 2018, Walky received the Design Plus Award, promoted by the German Council, during the aforementioned trade fair. Then in April 2018, Walky won the Red Dot Award for the “Product Design” category.



User-friendly and tool-free for the smaller versions (ø50mm, 45x45mm and 180x45mm), ideal for residential and public space.

Special Wrench

Installation with a special wrench for urban use versions (ø200, ø100, 180 x 180, 90×90 and 270 x 90 mm) which are both vandal and tamper-resistant.

IP66 Total Protection

LEDs and drivers are protected and have an IP66 rating both during and after installation.

Functional Elegance

The luminaire’s micro rim covers the thickness of the outer casing perfectly and can be positioned flush with the finished surface or with a minimal protrusion to guarantee a clean and elegant, final effect.

  • Lighting system for walkways designed for use with LED light sources to ensure high visual comfort.
  • Recessed and Wall installation options available.
  • Comprising an optical compartment (IP66 protection class) and wall base strip casing to be ordered separately.
  • Optical compartment in aluminium alloy with powder paint coating to ensure high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays. Plastic closure casing in the rear part of the optical compartment.
  • Complete with plastic cable gland and 0.5 m long outgoing cable 
  • Tempered frosted sodium-calcium safety glass.
  • Luminaire without visible screws 
  • With anti-vandalism system involving a key to open and access the rear wiring compartment (supplied in the packaging).
  • Versions are available with built-in 220 ÷ 240 Vac On-Off power supply (Ø 200 mm) or remote 24Vdc power supply (Ø 100 mm).
  • Protection against over-voltages (220 ÷ 240 versions): 2kV in Common Mode (CM), 1kV in Differential Mode (DM).
  • Ambient operating temperature:
    Ta -30°C +50°C for 24Vdc versions,
    Ta -20°C +50°C for 220-240Vac (On-Off) versions, 
  • All external screws used are in A2 stainless steel.

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