High power output for new diesel generator set

Jul 11, 2012 | UPS & Standby Power

Caterpillar’s new C175-20 generator set can produce up to 4MW of power and is built on the company’s C175 platform. The C175-20 is built with the same core engine parts as the C175-16, which has been in use in a variety of applications globally since 2008.

The high power density of the C175-20 generator set provides more power from a smaller footprint. A single 4MW C175-20 represents a 55% reduction in footprint when compared with two 2MW 3516B generator sets and a 28% reduction when compared with a 4MW 3612.

This increased power density is beneficial for large, mission critical installations, such as data centres and hospitals. For a data centre, using the 4MW C175-20 can reduce the ancillary equipment required (particularly when integrated with Cat switchgear, ATS and UPS products), and the larger single unit allows hospitals to carry larger life safety loads. In addition to large, mission critical applications, the C175-20 generator set can be used for peak shaving/grid stiffening as the sole source of power to remote communities and as prime power for remote work sites.

Certified to EPA Stationary Emergency Tier 2 emissions limits, the C175-20 is also a sustainable option for power generation. Cat after treatment solutions are available to further reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx), hydrocarbons and particulate matter. It is also biodiesel compatible, and low fuel consumption versions are available.

Extended maintenance intervals help to reduce owning and operating costs and, for prime and continuous power generator sets, the oil change interval is 600 hours. For standby generator sets, a three year oil change interval option is available. The first major overhaul for the C175-20 will be at 22,000 hours for the 60Hz units and at 27,000 hours for the 50Hz units.

The common rail fuel system maintains a high pressure fuel supply to the injectors, injecting fuel at the correct point in the ignition cycle. The improved engine breathing allows for a greater amount of cooler air in and out of the engine. That precise control of the combustion event combined with cool, dense air, provides more efficient combustion, resulting in lower fuel consumption. Inlet regulated cooling provides better control of oil viscosity, supplying better lubrication to engine components. The ridged engine wiring harness protects critical engine circuits from damage, and redundant control wiring minimises the impact of electrical faults.

The C175-20 is also available with a full range of factory designed and tested attachments.

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