Helping to reduce interference

Feb 8, 2012 | Cables and Accessories

The range of EZ-BoardWare surface mount cable clips from Harwin has been extended in order for them to reduce interference when using coax cables.

Harwin’s EZ-BoardWare family of surface mount PCB boardware products replace traditional components that usually require a secondary assembly process. Cable management devices, for example, are usually bulky and screwed to the board after all the other components have been automatically placed.

The small EZ-Cable Clips, on the other hand, are surface mounted along with every other standard device which helps to save time, costs and space. In addition, they do not degrade and become brittle like the plastic devices they are superseding.

Originally offered in four sizes covering 1-3mm cable diameters, the range now includes devices that can manage two 0.9mm diameter wires side by side, or  one 1.32mm diameter mini coaxial cable. When used with coaxial cables, if the outer cover is stripped back to reveal the screening braid, EZ-Cable Clips can provide a direct path to a ground lane, thus improving EMC performance of the system.