Havells Switchgear is proud to offer the Tri-Load – a ground-breaking three-section MCB TPN distribution board for commercial building applications. Offering a future-proof approach to the metering requirements of Part L2 of the UK Building Regulations, Tri-Load is the only standard distribution board that conveniently separates small power circuits, lighting circuits and mechanical services loads and provides net energy values of each load type.

Tri-Load is uniquely capable of independently monitoring lighting, small power and auxiliary service loads, to ensure data capture and analysis for building managers is meaningful and effective. Tri-Load has now be developed further to address the increasing integration of micro generation e.g. PV and wind, within building designs.

The new ‘Tri-load Green’ range, provides a convenient connection point for these generated sources. The board monitors power and lighting loads, but also provides measurement of the export energy from renewables within a single distribution board i.e. power lighting and renewable.

Accessing data from the feed-in tariff meter is often not straight forward and not all PV or small wind turbine installations employ a feed-in tariff meter. Tri-load and Triload Green provide a ready to install convenient solution to monitoring energy within commercial, retail and industrial buildings.



Case Study, VW Watford, Cass Electric

“Due to Part L2 regulations on energy consumption and performance in buildings, it’s essential to really understand how a building consumes energy. VW Watford is the latest VW showroom and is built to the highest specification and as part of this we have introduced Tri-Load distribution board – it’s unique within integrated metering boards as it creates relevant energy data that is split out into three sections. This will allow far better analysis of energy performance than a standard metered board where there is just one reading.”

Ian Tasker, Director, Cass Electric

Havells successfully entered the UK switchgear market in the second half of 2011, and has already launched ranges of residential consumer units, Type A and Type B distribution boards and a range of MCCB panelboards. 


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