Harland Simon brings new battery technology to the Trust

Jul 3, 2015 | UPS & Standby Power

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust (NLG) has selected Harland Simon UPS, a specialist independent supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to ensure the continuous delivery of clean and reliable power to its access layer network cabinets. The network cabinets supply services to three acute hospitals delivering data and wireless services and Voice over IP (VOIP). Harland Simon UPS is delivering a bespoke UPS solution of the appropriate ‘form, fit, function’ to the Trust, with the introduction of innovative new lead crystal battery technology to the UK, which minimises ongoing maintenance, repair costs and improves long-term ROI.

The Trust provides acute hospital and community services to a population of more than 350,000 people across North and North East Lincolnshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Due to the nature of its services, the Trust recognises the importance of protecting its communication equipment with a robust UPS and has been working with Harland Simon UPS for a number of years.

In recent months, Harland Simon has brought new lead crystal battery technology to UK. These lead crystal batteries have up to three times as much durability as other batteries, lasting over seven and a half years. They provide a greener alternative to lead acid batteries, and are a far more cost effective alternative to lithium ion batteries. Furthermore, they work more efficiently in hot temperatures.

In the event of short power cuts, mains voltage variation or power spikes the system delivers a reliable 240 Volt mains supply and ensures business continuity. A UPS relies upon well designed technology and batteries to perform this function with appropriate sizing of the UPS.

The Trust plans to phase the lead crystal batteries into its 100 network cabinets over the next three years, each accompanied by a Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBP) thus ensuring minimal servicing requirements and the ability to replace the UPS after seven years in minutes, and without impacting delivery of services.

By lasting significantly longer, lead crystal batteries require less maintenance, resulting in organisations seeing a reduction in repair costs and ultimately a greater ROI over a longer period of time.

David Bell, network technical engineer at the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust commented: “The network infrastructure provides the foundation of our IT and telephone network, it is crucial we minimise the risk of power outages to our network as far as possible. Installing UPS’ with lead crystal batteries will not only ensure we have continuous, uninterruptable power supply but it makes both environmental and financial sense when looking at the long-term picture.

“We have been very impressed throughout our time working with Harland Simon UPS. They remain one of the few companies who take the time to demonstrate the different types of UPS’ available and compare capabilities. The Harland Simon team continues to work closely with the Trust to ensure that we have the most suited UPS to fit the needs of the Trust and we look forward to rolling out this new technology and seeing the benefits.”

James Lacey-Hatton, network services manager, added: “By introducing the latest UPS technology the Trust can ensure the maximum availability of our voice and data networks. Healthcare is a 24/7 business, patients and staff rely more than ever on the availability of technology delivered by these underlying networks.”