Rockwell Automation has launched a new safety feature to help reduce workers’ exposure to live voltage. The new SecureConnect optional safety feature allows operators to disconnect the power from an individual MCC (motor control centre) plug-in unit without opening the enclosure door or entering the arc flash boundary.

Confirmation of complete power removal process is provided by SecureConnect’s multi-point validation system, which notifies operators when the unit’s power stabs are entirely withdrawn from the vertical bus, further decreasing the risk of hazardous electrical incidents.

In addition, SecureConnect helps companies get their processes back up and running faster by reducing the need to obtain hot work permits when servicing equipment. Because SecureConnect isolates a single unit from the power source, the remaining MCC units can operate without interruption.

SecureConnect addresses safety at the unit level, adding a third tier to the Rockwell Automation safety portfolio for low voltage MCCs. At the component level, Allen-Bradley IntelliCENTER technology helps users perform remote monitoring for troubleshooting their MCCs, all while outside the arc flash boundary. Rockwell Automation’s ArcShield, which was introduced in 2009, helps reduce flash hazards by providing protection against internal electrical arc faults that could occur without warning.