Kohler Uninterruptible Power (KUP) presents itself as a “solutions agnostic” supplier. Understanding the requirements of individual customers is key to providing power protection product and service excellence.

Data Centre designers know the load they require for their critical power, and this allows KUP to show a variety of different uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), whether it be for a standalone, sometimes called monolithic, or a modular system. Both systems offer great benefits to the user either based on cost, efficiency, reliability and the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). MTBF and MTTR are explained further below.

A prime example of a standalone system within the data centre market can be read about in our case study with Blue Chip. The organisation decided to upgrade its head-office power protection with the latest in high-efficiency standalone UPS.

Blue Chip provides the IT infrastructure that supports many of the UK’s largest brands – specialising in mission critical systems through its Tier IV data centre.

You can read the full case study here: Blue Chip

As well as standalone systems, KUP offer modular solutions which offer a level of scalability and a step further to resiliency with reducing the MTTR.

UPS availability (A) is a function of both MTBF and Mean Time to Repair MTTR, as expressed in the following equation:


Equation 1: Availability calculation

From this, we can see that we can increase A both by increasing MTBF and decreasing MTTR


One obvious way of improving system MTBF is to increase the reliability of its internal components. However, there is a finite ceiling to component reliability and related system MTBF, even with increased cost, as curve 1 in Figure 1 shows, below. Today, typical power protection systems that rely only on high component reliability achieve MTBFs from 50,000 hours to 200,000 hours.

A better approach is to ensure that the system remains available even if an individual component fails. This can be achieved by adding a level of redundancy, which can improve availability by three to six times as shown in Curve 2 of Figure 1:











Fig.1: Using redundancy to boost system availability

In practice, modern UPS systems can achieve redundancy through using modular design.


As Equation 1 shows, Availability can also be improved by reducing MTTR. This is facilitated by modular systems, because a failed module can simply be pulled out of the UPS frame and replaced with a functional unit. MTTR drops to just half an hour, compared with the six hours typically required to repair a traditional, standalone system in situ. 

In fact, reducing MTTR is essential to maintaining high availability in UPS systems.

As well as minimising the repair time, efficiency is a growing consideration in the industry and historically large modular units could not offer high efficiency.

This is now a concern of the past with an innovative new PowerWAVE 1.5MW solution from Kohler

A new class leader, this solution offers a footprint saving of 45% and energy efficiency of up to 97.4%, the best available.

With this new solution maintenance is made easy with its modular design. Each component has been created to optimise accessibility and to reduce the possibility of human error.

The innovative design features wire free power frames that ease installation and ensure dependable connections and vertical pull out power modules that enable them to be easily worked on from both sides.

Meeting the increasing power demands of modern data storage solutions requires a continuous flow of clean, sustainable power and system-wide resiliency.

The online double conversion with decentralised parallel architecture power ranges from 250kW to 1.5MW. It’s fully adaptable, highly efficient, scalable, and easy to install and maintain. High-power protection has been taken to a whole new level without the need to compromise.

Delivering a total peace of mind for customers with the assurance that their power is guaranteed by the very best power protection technology on the market.

The new PowerWAVE 1.5MW solution will be available from November 2020

To find out which approach is best for your data centre application, it pays to consult a well-resourced UPS supplier like Kohler Uninterruptible Power, email: uksales.ups@kohler.com or call us on 01256 386700